We all have one thing in common – health

We are delighted to present a leading monthly journal on the Polish market that explores classical and natural medicine – “Zdrowie bez Leków” [“Health Without Drugs”].

The idea behind this monthly was a desire and a need to spread knowledge about preventive medicine, symptoms of disease and treatment using holistic methods. The founders of the journal are enthusiasts of a healthy lifestyle, whose personal health problems prompted reflection on issues related to effective treatment.

The monthly quickly gained a wide audience, and its circle of authors is still being complemented by more renown doctors, scientists, herbalists, naturopaths and practitioners of natural treatment methods. Our editorial team cooperates with members of the Society of Doctors of Integrated Medicine and the Polish Academy of Health on a permanent basis.

“Zdrowie bez Leków” was founded in 2016, making its début both in press outlets across the country and on social media. Currently, the monthly circulation fluctuates around 67,000 copies, and the average sale is around 40,000 copies per month. About 4,000 readers have purchased a subscription. The journal's Facebook page has almost 100,000 active users, and our YouTube channel has attracted over 41,000 subscribers. The audience on Facebook is over 1,000,000 readers and the average post activity is around 200,000.

“Zdrowie bez Leków” not only promotes natural medicine, but also everything related to a healthy lifestyle – mainly organic food products. We work with companies and individuals (and describe their activities) who pursue their passion for health professionally, producing healthy food and other products that improve the quality of our lives. We search for and promote farmers who run their farms in an ecological manner, as well as bee-keepers, naturopaths, and small companies that process their own crops, etc. We offer products that we have tested in our online store www.zdrowiebezlekow.pl and in herbal shops cooperating with us throughout the country. Currently, this includes about 200 facilities. Thanks to this, our readers and customers of our online store and the brick-and-mortar shops that work with us can rest assured that the products we offer are of the highest quality. This is crucial nowadays, when highly processed food has soared in popularity, contributing to the obesity epidemic and so-called diseases of civilisation.

Together with friends of our editorial team, e.g. Grzegorz Śleziak, we also contribute to improving the lot of farm animals. To this end, we started an initiative called “Save the Hen”, which is aimed at buying hens from farms that would otherwise go for slaughter. We established connections with people who produce inexpensive portable chicken coops. Thanks to them, anyone willing to do so can buy a few hens from a farm (we help in the process). The hens repay their new owners for decent living conditions with long years of life and by laying regular eggs that are real superfood. This is an initiative that benefits both parties – the hens live in peace until they die naturally, and their new owners have fresh eggs every day.

The above examples are just a few aspects of our business that we are constantly developing. This is closely related to meeting new people who are driven by a passion for a healthy life. Our monthly journal does not divide people into carnivores, vegetarians, vegans, supporters of academic medicine or homoeopathy. Our goal is to unite, not to divide. We believe that every path is right if it leads to a good cause. And in our case this means a healthy and active life!

If our ideas resonate with your philosophy, if you are a doctor, naturopath, herbalist, organic farmer, producer of natural supplements or cosmetics, or simply a healthy lifestyle enthusiast who wants to share something with others – feel free to contact our Editorial Board. We’ll do something good together.

Join us!